Echo Investment saves the historic buildings of Browary Warszawskie

Echo Investment saves the historic buildings of Browary Warszawskie

Witnesses of the splendor of the Haberbusch and Schiele Brewery - The Time Cellars – are emerging from the ground. In the revitalised 19th century cellars of the old brewing complex in the Warsaw's Wola district, an atmospheric, accessible to everyone gastronomic complex will be developed. As befits the area of old brewery, beer will be poured in torrents again in the building of the former Malthouse.

The area where the former United Warsaw Brewery Haberbusch and Schiele was located has been a part of Warsaw excluded from use for many years. Only the dilapidating buildings: the Schiele Villa, the Malthouse, the Laboratory and inaccessible cellars reminded us of the splendour of this place.
"When we started the project of Browary Warszawskie, we knew that the central place, the heart of the complex, must be around historic buildings - the Schiele Villa, the Time Cellars and the Malthouse. The completely ruined Villa building has been already restored. The start of the construction of another office building - the Villa Offices - is also an increasing number of activities related to cellars” says Michał Gerwat, Project Manager of Browary Warszawskie.

Echo saves historic cellars

The history of cellars dates back to the 19th century, when they served as a beer repository. Originally they were connected with the Malthouse building. Their arrangement indicates that they have been extended and deepened many times. Until now, there are cradles and beautiful red ceramic brick from the famous Brickyard Włochy, which required huge amounts of work to save them from total destruction. The threat to the old walls was seeping water, vegetation and mould on the walls. 
“In cooperation with the conservator, we were managed to save this place. Meticulously, brick by brick, with reverence we revealed further fragments of cellars. We carried out drying and eliminating dry rot works. We laid down the drainage, and the whole of the historic structure was secured with a roofing slab, which not only protects from loads, but also from moisture. After the completion of works, the Time Cellars will be fully integrated with the surrounding buildings of Browary Warszawskie” says Michał Gerwat.

New life between old walls

“The Time Cellars - after the revitalisation it will be a name of this part of Browary Warszawskie - in two years' they will have a chance to become one of the most characteristic places on the culinary map of Warsaw. A dozen or so restaurants, cafes and pubs will be waiting for guests. By recreating the atmosphere of old brewery, we will define this place anew, in such a way as to respect the tradition, to enter it into trends of European metropolises. The cellars will become a place open to everyone and inspiring because it will be full of cultural and culinary events” emphasizes Marcin Kopczyk, Senior Leasing Manager, who is responsible for the gastronomy and service concept of this place.
The revitalisation of Browary Warszawskie is not only connected to the Time Cellars. The first works on the former Malthouse are planned for this year, the main body of which was developed in the 1880s. It will retain its historic role - after the completion of works, a brewery and a restaurant will be opened here. You will enter the building from the Time Cellars, or directly from the Malthouse Square, one of the city squares in Browary Warszawskie.
 “Soon, both the Cellars and the Malthouse regaining their former splendour will become places that will attract guests with their appearance and interesting offer. In the latter, we plan to restore the tradition of craft beer production, creating here a remarkable space in Warsaw, where old and new meets in its best form in the company of excellent, craft liquors” adds Marcin Kopczyk.

Browary Warszawskie are growing bigger and bigger

“The first apartments will be ready for use soon, and in December the first employees will move into the Gatehouse Offices. With the first office building being put into service, works will be carried out at the first of five city squares. The construction of the second office building - the Villa Offices - is also underway” says Michał Gerwat.
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