The Brewery Villa Offices, another building of Browary Warszawskie, now under construction

The Brewery Villa Offices, another building of Browary Warszawskie, now under construction

The first excavators are working on the construction site of the Villa Offices, the second office building of Browary Warszawskie. It will be the highest, 14-storey commercial building of this project, located on the newly-opened Haberbusch and Schiele street, whose name was chosen by the residents of Warsaw in the summer opinion poll.

A few weeks after the topping out of the Gatehouse Offices, Echo Investment has started the construction of the Villa Offices. The building will be situated in the immediate vicinity of the restored Brewery Villa - the former residence of the Haberbusch & Schiele brewery owners. The Villa Offices will be the landmark of the new urban quarter.

There is a lot going on at Browary Warszawskie in the middle of the season. The construction work on the elevation and finishing of the Gatehouse Offices is in progress, so at the end of 2019 the first employees could move in here. At the end of the year, the first residential building will also be ready to use. The effective lease of the entire first office building allows us to start with the Villa Offices. We have started the construction of diaphragm walls. Employees will move into the second building in 2020.

says Michał Gerwat, the director of the Browary Warszawskie project at Echo Investment.

The western wall of the Villa Offices will be the frontage of Haberbusch and Schiele street, named after the famous brewers from Wola, the creators of the brewery in Warsaw. The name of this street was chosen by the Varsovians from among three names proposed by the Museum of Warsaw.
The place to work and rest

Approximately 1,300 employees will find their place in the Villa Offices (building K). The office building will offer 15 100 sqm to be developed. Not only offices will be there. On the ground floor there will be room for services, cafes and stores, and for the tenants there will be green terraces on two floors. The entire area of Browary Warszawskie will be open to people and it will invite to relax, which is why car parks are moved to the lower floors.

A great vicinity for the Villa Offices will be the Central Garden and the Brewery Gate - two of the five urban squares planned for this quarter.

I am glad that a previously closed area of a warehouse after the old breweries will be open for cultural activities that will be animated by future residents and people who currently live in surrounding apartment blocks and tenement buildings, as well as guests who will come here temporarily. It is a challenge to combine these groups in such a way that everyone will be able to share this place. 

commented Krzysztof Mikołajewski, the director of Cultural Centre of the Wola district, during the debate “Good urban vicinity - future plans vs. beautiful history "organized by Echo Investment and Łowicka Centrum as part of the exhibition " Plans for the future ".

The heart of Wola with fresh energy

The old breweries area has been an undeveloped part of the Wola district in Warsaw for many years. Echo Investment started the construction of this multifunctional destination in 2016. Currently, the construction work of the Gatehouse Offices (building J) and the first residential building is being completed. In the next year, two more housing buildings will be ready to use.
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