New street is under construction in Browary Warszawskie – you can choose its name!
New street is under construction in Browary Warszawskie – you can choose its name!

New street is under construction in Browary Warszawskie – you can choose its name!

A poll is being launched with regard to the name of the new street in Warsaw’s Wola district, which will be opened in Browary Warszawskie. Echo Investment and the Museum of Warsaw selected three proposals that, drawn from the history of this place, may still be alive in the new quarter of this part of the capital. Only now you have a unique opportunity to choose one of them and make this name go down in history!

Sfinksów Warszawskich street, Haberbusch and Schiele street or perhaps Wolskiej Krachli street? Imagine that many years from now you are going for a walk to Browary Warszawskie and proudly showing your grandchildren the street the name of which you chose yourself.

Right now, for two weeks, all residents of Warsaw have a real impact on the future of Browary Warszawskie and placing a name related to the history of this location on the map.
Browary Warszawskie will always be an important part of the history of Warsaw. Echo Investment emphasizes that the micro-district which is created on the land associated with good taste, innovative approach and charismatic people who created this place, is to be open and friendly for future generations.

The poll which is starting on 8 June provides residents of the city with an opportunity to choose the name of the street which will become part of the new Browary Warszawskie. The new street in Wola starts at the Brewery Gate i.e. on Grzybowska street and it will connect the office part and the residential part of the new quarter with each other. At the residential part it will join Krochmalna street but unlike the latter one it will be a street which has not existed in Warsaw before.

The new street in Browary Warszawskie, connecting Grzybowska and Krochmalna streets, should have its unique character. Every day residents of the city who work or live in this part of Wola as well as guests who want to use cafes, restaurants and shops will pass and walk around it. We want it to be residents of Warsaw who will influence this place, so we invite everyone to vote. Popular artists – Kasia Nosowska and Eldo – will also encourage people to choose the best name while the Museum is a patron of the whole campaign.

– says Rafał Mazurczak, a board member at Echo Investment..

Three names – three different stories

The cooperation of the investor with the curators of the Warsaw Museum resulted in three ideas for the name of the new street. Each of them has been embedded in the history of the Breweries and is a reference to the heritage of Warsaw’s Wola district.

●     Sfinksów Warszawskich

For nearly a century the image of the Sphinx was on the labels of the beer brewed in Wola. The exotic symbol was a reflection of two figures that guarded the entrance to the Haberbusch and Schiele brewery and their secret recipes. But where did the stone sphinxes come from in the nineteenth-century Warsaw? This puzzle is still waiting to be solved.
●     Haberbusch and Schiele

Irreplaceable duo – Haberbusch and Schiele. They started their entrepreneurial history from a small brewery. Courage, unconventional thinking and searching for innovation – this is what our Warsaw brewers were like. Perhaps it is them who should still greet those who visit the new Browary Warszawskie?
●     Wolskiej Krachli

Wola became a place where beer took on a new character – a porcelain cork which kept the aroma of the famous Haberbush beer for a longer time and the glass bottle were novelties introduced in the Warsaw Breweries. Although drawn from Austria, Krachla began its career in Poland from the brewers in Warsaw’s Wola district.

Vote today!

The poll will take place from 8 to 22 June. In order to vote you need to go to and indicate the name that best links the history of the Warsaw Brewery with the spirit of the new quarter of the city.
Let's write a shared story!
Browary Warszawskie is an area between Grzybowska, Wronia, Chłodna and Krochmalna streets, which will be reintroduced to the urban fabric by Echo Investment. A new, open quarter created by residential buildings, office buildings and public squares, rest and recreation places, cafes, restaurants and shops is being developed.

This is a place with a beautiful history but above all a modern, functional and comprehensive urban and architectural concept. There will be four office buildings, five residential buildings, more than 8,000 sqm for services, restaurants, shops, well-arranged public spaces with city squares, small streets and a comfortable space full of greenery. The undoubted advantages of this place also include the proximity of the centre of Warsaw, the metro station and the availability of developed public transport.

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