Browary Warszawskie grows bigger and bigger. First office building is topped off

Browary Warszawskie grows bigger and bigger. First office building is topped off

The first office building in Browary Warszawskie reached its highest construction point one year after the launch of construction. The traditional wreath was hanged on its thirteenth floor on May 23rd. First few users, including employees of L'Oréal Polska, will move into the building at the end of 2018 and early 2019.

While creating the old-new quarter of the city it is worth celebrating traditional moments. Therefore, on May 23rd a green wreath decorated with colourful ribbons appeared on the top of the building. It marks the moment when the building's body is ready, which can be followed by the finishing work providing the place with its unique character.
Good pace of construction 

We build according to the schedule and today we can celebrate the completion of the last of the 13 floors. There is still a lot of work ahead of us but we are on our way to handing over the building at the end of the year. We are building the walls, arranging installation of service risers, some teams work on elevation ironwork and finishing underground garages. The whole task requires coordination of about 150 people, says Marek Szymonek, a project manager at Echo Investment’s Office Department.
Beautiful showpiece of the district

Greenery, glass, light and space – these are the key words that describe the first office building in Browary Warszawskie.

The office building is located at Brama Browarów. The square in front of it is a space where you can sit, relax, have a cup of aromatic coffee or eat lunch in the green scenery while listening to the sound of the fountain. It will be a place not only for employees of companies that have their offices here but also for all residents of the city. This is where we will invite them for a journey into the depths of Browary – to basements, other buildings, squares and rest areas, says Agnieszka Chmolewska, the head of the team of architects in Echo Investment’s Office Department.

The office building designers were looking for the most interesting solutions, so that the elevation would add elegance to this place. A glass cladding with a satin surface is supposed to provide the impression of ice sparkling in the sun. We find many gems in the interior design project including a ceiling made of glass bottles as a direct reference to the history of old breweries. The walls in the main hall and in the halls on the upper floors will be covered with a unique material produced only by one company in Germany. Glaskeramik – the glass comes exclusively from recycling, which is made by breaking used bottles and glass. This will be the first use of this material in Poland.
Thinking of people who will work here every day

The office building offers nearly 13,000 sqm of modern office space. On the ground floor there will be cafes, restaurants and shops available for all. Green terraces will be located on the roofs of gradually rising tiers. Greenery will also welcome guests in the lobby. One of the tenants of the building will be L'Oreal Polska, which will move its headquarters to Browary Warszawskie, and more users will be announced soon, says Michał Żelski, a senior leasing manager at Echo Investment’s Office Department.

The above video material  is  available for download HERE
Browary Warszawskie is the area between Grzybowska, Wronia, Chłodna and Krochmalna streets which Echo Investment will reintroduce to the urban fabric. A new, open quarter, created by residential buildings, office buildings and public squares, rest and recreation places, cafes, restaurants and shops is being developed.

This is a place with a beautiful history but above all it is a modern, functional and comprehensive urban and architectural concept. There will be four office buildings, five residential buildings and over 8,000 sqm of services, restaurants, shops, well-arranged public spaces with city squares, small streets and a comfortable space full of greenery. The undoubted advantages of this place also include the proximity of the centre of Warsaw, a metro station and the availability of developed public transport.

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